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Support work, but not as you know it.....

You might think that all support work is the same.  And you might think that all employers are the same.  We beg to differ.

We recruit inspiring and innovative Managers and we acknowledge the fantastic work carried out by our Support Workers every day here at Ashcroft.  And with this high standard set we continue to look for new and great people to join our expanding and strong teams.

Ashcroft Support Workers are so much more than their job title suggests.  They are educators who help people to develop the skills needed to live more independently.  And at times they are also counsellors who provide reassurance to people who can be anxious and need to be supported with patience and kindness.  They share the laughs in the pub and the pain when sad news comes their way.  They are extraordinary, multi-talented people who fulfil a role which our society undervalues and can take for granted.  Which Ashcroft certainly do not – we value all of our staff.    

Ashcroft is no ordinary employer.  We are an organisation built on strong values.  We respect one another irrespective of role or position.  We recognise that providing the best support is a team game in which we all have a role to play.  And at all times we continue to support each other to learn and develop, and make what we do even better.

We are proud that many people work at Ashcroft for years.  Our first employee is still on the payroll and the Long Service Club is always searching for a bigger venue for its annual celebration dinner every year!

Many of our Managers and Senior Managers have progressed from Support worker roles, and the best people come to Ashcroft and stay to enjoy the journey together.

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